I love talking photography, wine, food and travel, so lets pour a glass of wine and talk.

I have been shooting professionally since 1974. My images range from the total fantasy images to depictions of the beautiful women next door I feel like they have a unique sense of sensuality and style.

During the 15 years of shooting fashion my work was published in all the major fashion magazines including Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. Since the early 80s I have chosen to focus primarily on Glamour/Pinup in this realm, Mystique Magazine is where I have established and pursued my unique vision of beautiful women, creating one of the classiest magazines of beautiful women in the world. My fashion background, lighting, excellent rapport with talent, and ability to create powerful images outside of the normal expectations has truly set Mystique and my images apart.

My work has also been published in Penthouse, Playboy and in hundreds of calendars. My images have won numerous worldwide awards. I have nine table top books published.

I love to teach and share my joy of shooting beautiful images of women. I hold workshops and seminars all over the world and have produced an educational DVD series on lighting and production.


I refuse to teach formulas.

Not only will I teach you how to do something, but more importantly I’ll explain why it works. You’ll learn valuable skills that will enable you to problem solve in typical shooting situations. You will then have the tools to light and create your ideas.

“The best teachers are one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” I have been told that I fit into that group. I try to teach and make it fun. My goal is to impart a ton of knowledge to my students, as well as share my love and passion for photography. I don’t want to create clones, instead I want to help fashion creative thinking photographers.

Are you interested in stepping out of the box and into my wild and wonderful world? If you want to take control of your photography, master lighting, and gain confidence working with models, then my workshops are for you.

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Lighting DVD Series: ln the lighting series you can learn the basics of lighting, the concepts behind the lighting and how to make decisions regarding lighting. Each DVD covers a single concept of lighting style or concept so you can pick and choose and master each concept at your own pace.

the fundamentals
dvd – $49.00 usd
ultimate single light setup
dvd – $49.00 usd
dvd – $49.00 usd
classic three point lighting
dvd – $49.00 usd
dvd – $49.00 usd


Production DVD Series: Learn the secrets of producing a shoot. These DVDs cover everything from an overview to the break down of the individual concepts behind the amazing images Mark produces. You choose which subject you want to learn first and master it

producing a successful shoot
dvd – $49.00 usd
proper care & feeding of models
dvd – $49.00 usd
posing the model
dvd – $49.00 usd
Models A to Z
2 dvds – $79.00 usd





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Mobile: 512-695-9486  Email: mark@markdaughn.com

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