production 101: producing a succesful shoot



production 101: producing a successful shoot

Download – $49.00 USD

Mark Daughn explains each step of a successful production, giving you all the information needed to produce a major shoot.

  • Learn to work from a concept and bring that idea to life.
  • Mark uncovers all the gritty details of working on a shoot, from selecting the location to booking the right models.
  • Master the assembly of a crew and the discover the secrets behind managing it.
  • Understand the actual management of a shoot. Mark breaks it down for you so you can plan for everything.
  • Mark explains his digital workflow and post-production techniques.
  • Discover the secrets of image archiving and file preparation for your final use on the internet or printing.

Included in the download is a DVD version that will need a DVD player on your computer to play (this one is the higher quality) and a movie version that will play with QuickTime.