production 201: proper care & feeding of models


Production 201: proper care & and feeding of models
Download – $49.00 USD

Mark Daughn explains the concepts behind his model relations systems.

These tools will change your entire outlook on dealing with models.

Mark is a master at creating fabulous working relationships with his models, you can be one too. Learn all the secrets to creating a great rapport with your models.

Mark uncovers all the gritty details and pitfalls of the legal side of working with models and nudity.

In today’s social networked society you must protect your reputation as a photographer. Mark will guide you through this minefield.

Mark has included three behind the scenes extras on this DVD, see him actually do a shoot and hear from the models.


Included in the download is a DVD version that will need a DVD player on your computer to play (this one is the higher quality) and a movie version that will play with QuickTime.