Austin Mentor Workshop Series

Sessions Now Open

The Mentor Workshop Series – Is designed to address the weaknesses of traditional workshops, where you hear lots of information – some good and some great – but never actually apply that information or incorporate it into your photography, so in the end, you’ve picked up a few pointers, but little else. This is completely different…you will take the information and put it into action during the event, having the chance to ask questions right then – and it does not end there!  Over the course of the next two weeks, you will use the techniques on your own by following-up with individual assignments, driving home the skills you’ve acquired.The Workshop Mentor Series also provides the needed accountability that is missing in other, more traditional workshops, because you send in your results to Mark for critique and discussion, and receive the needed feedback from your successes and your failures. We will approach the work from the position you choose: working pro, published artist, boudoir photographer – you choose the lens.

You can choose the level of the Mentorship you desire, the Full Mentorship (recommended) is 4 sessions, the Mini Mentorship is 2 sessions or can you can choose a Single Session the ork on a specfic problem.

Dates:  dates are set with attendees 

Select your Mentorship level

The Workshop Mentor Series Includes:

  •  Intimate sessions are usually one on one, can be up to 2 individuals, so that sessions can be crafted to your needs.
  •  Samples of work and a questionnaire will be required from each applicant, in order to access your current level
  •  Consists of 4 sessions, 1 session every two weeks, 4 hours each
  •  Each session will include both lecture time and time to work with the models to try out the lesson presented.
  •  Each session will focus on different topics, such as lighting techniques and methods, how to plan and produce a shoot, working with models, giving direction, rapport, etc.
  •  The shooting portion is one-on-one shooting, simulating actual shooting conditions.
  •  Direct access to Mark for the two month duration
  •  Two assignments per session to do on your own (a total of 8)
  •  Critiques of  your assignments with the point of view of your choice (working published pro, published artist, portrait photographer


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